Working in TV News, it became a hassle to put on contact lenses. After my PRK, I see perfectly! I recommend Dr. Shapiro for those suffering from near-sightedness like I once did. Thank you Dr. Shapiro!

mabrisa-rodriguezWorking in TV News one never know what the hours will be like. It became a hassle to put on contact lenses in the middle of the night to get ready to present and/or write the news for the shows. I had a difficult time seeing the numbers for the seven-day forecast and writing scripts.

Thanks to Dr. David Shapiro and his wonderful staff, I am now able to Forecast and Produce with the greatest of ease. After my PRK, I see perfectly for the first time in years! I recommend Dr. Shapiro for those suffering from near-sightedness like I once did. Thank you Dr. Shapiro!

Mabrisa Rodriguez
Emmy-nominated Producer & Weather Anchor for KEYT, KKFX and KCOY TV (Ventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo)

My career depends on perfect vision…and now it’s better than 20/20! Thanks to Dr. Shapiro!

brandon-knightIn the Big Leagues, the difference between throwing a strike and giving up a home run is a matter of a hair’s breadth — 60 feet away from the pitcher’s mound. As a professional pitcher, I absolutely depend on perfect eyesight to place my pitches. Accuracy is everything. I could have gone anywhere for my LASIK, but I trusted my vision to Dr. Shapiro in Ventura, California. Laser eye surgery is all that Dr. Shapiro does and he teaches other doctors. He is a world class professional who performed my customized wavefront LASIK with the utmost precision and skill. My eyesight is now even better than 20/20 and better than it ever was with my contacts or glasses, which gives me an extra advantage for my pitching. I’m thrilled. Thank you, Dr. Shapiro!

Brandon Knight
Professional Baseball Player

Seeing joy on a crowd’s faces has really given me a different and fantastic view of our beautiful world.

chuck-dI have seen the planet earth many time over. I have seen many places, people and things over a half century. I’ve needed visual aid almost 100% of that period. I first heard and was offered a lasik option at the turn of the century. But waiting more than a decade for the right specialist was my right decision.

Dr David Shapiro’s skills and thorough explanation, care and technique have been amazing to me to enjoy steamrooms, showers, and yes audiences. Seeing joy on a crowd’s faces with DR SHAPIRO’s blend technique has really given me a different and fantastic view of our beautiful world.

Chuck D
RAP Artist, PUBLIC ENEMY, Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

I’m Dancing with Happiness Since I Had LASIK!

jennifer-whalenAs a professional ballet dancer with the American Ballet Theater, I’ve performed on stages from The Met in New York to The Egg in Beijing. I always had trouble with my contacts irritating my eyes and of course I can’t perform ballet wearing glasses. All my life I had dreamed about seeing without glasses or contacts and I decided to finally do it! Since my dance career depends on perfect eyesight, I really did my research about who to have do my surgery. The name that kept coming up over and over was Dr. David Shapiro of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo in California. I flew out from my home in New York to California and Dr. Shapiro performed the latest version of wavefront flapless LASIK on my eyes. He was so kind and reassuring. My vision is just incredible – better than I’ve ever seen with my glasses or contacts. Now I can dance with confidence, without glasses or contacts! Thank you Dr. Shapiro for changing my whole life!

Jennifer Whalen
Ballerina, American Ballet Theater, New York

At 300 miles per hour, I don’t have time for glasses or contacts!

ron-cappsAt 300mph, I don’t have time for glasses or contacts. Since my LASIK procedure with Dr. Shapiro, my vision is great without lenses! Dr. Shapiro is a true professional who takes the surgery seriously and precisely. Literally, for what I do, my life and my professional success depend completely on my vision.

Dr. Shapiro gave me the kind of vision I need as a professional race car driver where every little detail makes a huge difference. I’ve recommended LASIK with Dr. Shapiro to other pro race car drivers and others who need the absolute best that LASIK can provide. Thank you, Dr. Shapiro!

Ron Capps
Professional NHRA Race Car Driver and Champion

Waking up in the morning and being able to see is beyond words awesome!

lissieDr. Shapiro and his team Sandy and Stacy were wonderful! They were very thorough in giving me all the information that I needed beforehand and prepared me well. The surgery was quick and easy and I am amazed at how clear my vision is now. After 16 years of wearing contacts and glasses, I think that having this surgery is one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.

My vision is 20/15 now.. better than perfect and it’s just been incredible! Sandy even held my hand during the procedure! 🙂 Waking up in the morning and being able to see is beyond words awesome! I highly recommend Dr. Shapiro.

Recording Artist, iTunes UK Song of the Year Recipient

I have bulls eye vision after wavefront LASIK with Dr. Shapiro.

daren-davidsonIn competition marksmanship, and in my law enforcement job, I need incredibly accurate vision. I trusted Dr. Shapiro to perform my LASIK based on his extraordinary reputation. After wavefront LASIK with Dr. Shapiro, I now see better than 20/20.

It’s almost unbelievable that I can see this well without glasses! This helped me become California State Marksmanship Champion — and makes me more capable on the job. I depend on my outstanding new vision. Thank you Dr. Shapiro!

Daren Davidson
California State Marksman Champion

With each land speed record at Bonneville, I thank Dr. Shapiro for the perfect LASIK vision he gave me to race with!

gail-phillipsDear Dr. Shapiro and Staff —

I wanted to let you know that I was seriously thinking of all of you two weeks ago. I was sitting at the starting line at the Bonneville Salt Flats and waiting for the Starter to give me the “go” signal. Exactly a mile down the course are two large orange mile-marker banners with a large black “1” on them. Another mile from there are two more with large black “2”s on them, and so on. Not only was I able to see the 1 mile markers, I was able to see the 2 mile markers as well. And I wasn’t worrying about drying out contacts that used to occasionally blur at unexpected moments — I was only focusing on driving and setting a new record.

Even though I see great every day, this was the first time I have driven at Bonneville since the surgery and the clear distances there are so impressive it really brings home how well I can see now. I wanted you all to know how thankful I am that you all helped make it happen for me. What a blessing to see so well.

Best Regards,

Gail Phillips
6 Times World Land Speed Record Holder
7th Woman Inductee into Bonneville Salt Flats 200 MPH Plus Club

As a search and rescue pilot, my entire team depends on my perfect LASIK result.

joey-heasletI am a search and rescue helicopter pilot. When I’m piloting a helicopter on a search and rescue mission, especially in dim light or bad weather, I simply must have perfect eyesight. Not only my safety, but the safety of my team and the success of our mission all depend on my vision as the pilot. Glasses always seemed to slip or fog up, and contacts would dry out or move, just when I seemed to need my vision the most. Given how important my eyes are to me, I went to Dr. Shapiro for my LASIK eye surgery. He uses the same wavefront laser technology used for the U.S. Navy Top Gun pilots and he has an incredible reputation, even among other doctors. I now see better than 20/20 and I know I can always count on my perfect vision as a helicopter pilot in any conditions.

Joey Heaslet
Search and Rescue Pilot

I’m a hospital pharmacist, and I know how important precision and attention to detail are. I only trusted Dr. Shapiro to do LASIK on my eyes and I’m thrilled with how I see now!

jessica-phamI work as a pharmacist in a large hospital in Santa Maria. I know how important precision and attention to detail are. I had always dreamed about seeing without glasses or contacts and when I finally got up the courage to have LASIK, I checked with the doctors in our hospital to see who they recommended. Again and again I was referred to Dr. Shapiro as the expert for LASIK and laser eye surgery. At my consultation, all my nervousness disappeared. Dr. Shapiro explained everything to me and made me feel very comfortable and at ease about LASIK. The surgery itself was much quicker and easier than I had imagined. And my vision!! Now I have perfect eyesight and I’m so thrilled!

Dr. Jessica Pham
Hospital Pharmacist

I came from Russia for LASIK with Dr. Shapiro – and I’m a laser scientist!

tatiana-kozelkovaAs a laser scientist and engineer who has worked with the most advanced lasers my whole career, I knew exactly what to look for in selecting a LASIK surgeon for my own eyes. I wanted both the right doctor and the right technology. I researched my options worldwide, including in Europe as well as in the United States. I ended up choosing American surgeon Dr. David Shapiro in Ventura, California based on his international reputation. I opted for blended monovision customized wavefront LASIK and I couldn’t be more pleased! I now see 20/20 up close and in the distance – all without glasses. To Dr. Shapiro and his professional staff, I say a heart-felt “spasibo” (thank you)!

Dr. Tatiana Kozelkova
Physicist and Laser Engineer, Sarov, Russia

With Dr. Shapiro and I’m so happy with my incredible result!

gerno-steifensI am the CEO of a company in Wendelstein, Germany. When I decided to have LASIK I was prepared to go anywhere in the world to find the most expert surgeon I could. As a chief executive officer, I make decisions based on very thorough research. I researched globally, including in Europe, North America, and Asia as I wanted the very best for my eyes. Dr. Shapiro is a well known leader in the specialty field of LASIK who has taught surgeons from all over the world. I first met with other surgeons in Europe and on the East Coast of the United States, but I was most impressed with Dr. Shapiro. I flew to Ventura, California and, after meeting with Dr. Shapiro, I decided to undergo LASIK with him. It has been the best choice I have ever made — well worth the effort to come from Germany. I now have eyesight better than 20/20!

Gernot Steifens
CEO Sitwell Ergonomics, Wendelstein, Germany

LASIK with Dr. Shapiro. It was the best trip I’ve ever made. I love my new vision!

eddie-alzamoraI am an instructor at the Shanghai Community International School in Shanghai, China. Ever since I was a child I have dreamed of seeing without glasses or contacts as my eyesight has always been extremely poor. When I finally decided to have LASIK, I read up on laser vision correction and realized how critical it is to find the best possible surgeon, even if it meant traveling a great distance: it was obvious that the results of LASIK eye surgery depend most on who performs the surgery. I researched surgeons here in Shanghai as well as in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia — and then eventually in the United States and Canada. After researching this very carefully, I decided to have my LASIK surgery with Dr. Shapiro in Ventura, California. As an academic, I was particularly impressed by the contributions Dr. Shapiro has made to the field of LASIK and the scientific papers he has published in the international medical literature. I flew from Shanghai and had an in-depth personal consultation with Dr. Shapiro. I was extremely impressed and decided to have my LASIK with him. My vision is the best it’s ever been in my life now — even better than it was with my glasses or contacts. Losing my glasses and contacts is like a miracle — a dream come true! Finding a great surgeon is crucial to the best possible LASIK results and I’m so pleased that I came from Shanghai for my surgery with Dr. Shapiro.

Eddie Alzamora
Author, Teacher, Shanghai, China

I’m so happy about my new vision that I want to “hoot” about it all the time!

hoot-van-hootenI love my new eyesight Dr. Shapiro gave me with LASIK! What a difference it makes in my life!! Whether I’m on the air or playing golf, having LASIK with Dr. Shapiro was one of the very best things I’ve ever done for myself. It’s incredible! Dr. Shapiro made me feel comfortable and confident in the process. Recovery was almost immediate and I’ve been happy with my vision ever since my LASIK with Dr. Shapiro. I recommend LASIK with Dr. Shapiro highly to anyone who wears glasses or contacts. In fact, my wife saw how over -the-top happy I was with my LASIK surgery, so she had LASIK with Dr. Shapiro too. Now she’s as happy as me with her new vision!

“Hoot” Van Hooten
KSMA Radio DJ and Personality

Dr. Shapiro has my deepest gratitude and highest praise.

joan-pratherJoan Prather

denise-allenDenise Allen, M.D.
Family Physician
San Luis Obispo

george-mitchellGeorge Mitchell, M.D.

nicole-cristianoNicole Cristiano, M.D.
Family Physician
Santa Barbara

peter-alinePeter Aline, M.D.
Internal Medicine

jeffrey-martinJeffrey Martin, M.D.

ruby-kairaRuby Kaira, M.D.
Pediatric Hematologist
Los Angeles

john-treichertJohn Treichert, M.D.
Internal Medicine

susan-teafordSusan Teaford, M.D.
San Luis Obispo

marcel-goldbergMarcel Goldberg, M.D.
Family Physician

neal-godwinNeal Godwin, M.D.
Internal Medicine
Chicago, IL

rene-bravoRene Bravo, M.D.
San Luis Obispo

robert-buckinghamRobert Buckingham, M.D.
Internal Medicine

kim-schoenKim Schoen, M.D.
ER Physician
Boston, MA

steven-goodmanSteven Goodman, M.D.
Family Physician
San Luis Obispo